The first 3 months

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I can’t believe 3 months has gone already! I’m a little sad about just how fast he is growing up! Call me crazy but I miss the newborn stage. In saying that though, he is really starting to become fun now. He is interacting with us which is so rewarding.

The first month. I have to admit, we have a pretty easy going baby. He was sleeping 2-3 hours at a time and just woke to feed before going straight back to sleep. Having Pete around for the first month was nice. I think he felt a bit useless though as I am breastfeeding and Lachie was sleeping so much, there was not much Pete could do. Cuddles were aplenty though.

We had our first Christmas together. It was the driest Christmas I have had in many, many years. Remind me to time that better for the next baby… ๐Ÿ™‚ We spent the day at Pete’s parents, which was where we were staying, so that was easy for us. Lots of presents, eating, drinking (for some) and a swim to finish things off.

Between Christmas and the New Year the 3 of us headed to a friends winery in Ferguson Valley for a night. We had a delicious lunch and were so lucky to be taken through the cellar and able to taste every wine! I could not pick my favourite. They are all amazing and I can’t wait for our first shipment to arrive! ๐Ÿ™‚

We said goodbye to Pete early in the New Year when he headed back up to Jakarta.

Things I learnt in the first 4 weeks…

  1. There is a limit to how much even the best nappies will hold
  2. A newborn can surpass that limit very quickly and unexpectedly
  3. Car seats should be easier to clean (see points above..)
  4. Newborns love to nap…usually on you and very rarely in their bassinet
  5. Strangers suddenly become your long lost friend and coo over your baby
  6. Strangers think its ok to touch my sleeping baby
  7. Strangers are oddly very interested in our method of feeding and birth story
  8. There is no love like the love you have for your baby

The second month. I was on my own now. Actually that’s exaggerating. I had my mother-in-law (MIL) and father-in-law there to help whenever I needed. I didn’t cook a meal or clean up and I’m not sure I did a load of washing either. I did manage to master showering with the baby on the floor though. I may have also taken to co-sleeping a little more often than when Pete was there. It was just. so. easy! Lachie didn’t seem to mind either ๐Ÿ™‚ It was one of the many things I swore I’d never know, before I was a parent and judging everyone else was so easy.

January in our family is full of birthdays. 4 in 10 days. We celebrate each year with a get together and lots of prawns! This year was no different. It was a scorching day this year, over 40 degrees. It was uncomfortable for the adults but the kids got the water slide out and had a great time.

We had doctors appointments, first birthday parties, more introductions and finished the month off with immunisations…ouch.

I got the all clear to get back to training with no restrictions….yes! I had been walking most days and had snuck in a few runs with the pram but I was craving that hard training. I joined in with my old hockey teams’ pre-season running. I was lucky that my MIL minded Lachie so I could partake. It was great! I was surprised that I hadn’t lost too much fitness. I didn’t put on too much weight while I pregnant but my body was (and still is) so foreign to me. I had lumps and bumps in places I didn’t know you could get them. I felt terrible. Getting into some hard training made me start to feel normal again.

The third month. We headed back up to Jakarta when Lachie was 9 weeks old. We moved into a new place when we came back. A townhouse in the expat neighbourhood. We can walk around the streets with the pram and my friends live in the same area. It does take Pete about an hour to get to and from work now though…7kms away! I was looking forward to being in our own place and getting into a routine. We had lots of trips planned for the first few weeks back in Jakarta so it was broken up a little.

The flight to Jakarta was uneventful…mostly. Lachie slept the whole way. We did end up landing in Palembang (Sumatra) though as there was a thunder storm in Jakarta. We refuelled and waited about an hour or so then made our way back. We finally crawled into bed at 3am.

Our first week flew by. We set up the house and got to know our new neighbourhood. We flew to Singapore that weekend. Pete had to work so we tagged along. From Singapore, Lachie and I went to Bali to meet up with my brother. He hadn’t met Lachie before so it was really lovely. Pete joined us there for the weekend.

The following weekend we were back in Singapore to play hockey. I hadn’t picked up a stick in almost a year. I couldn’t wait! It was a grass tournament but the quality is pretty decent. Last year the heat was almost unbearable. This year it rained all day on the Saturday and was bearably hot on the Sunday. It felt great playing again but made me sad that I am missing another season back in Perth.

Since that weekend we have been laying low in Jakarta. Its nice to relax for a while.

We are going to Makassar (Sulawesi) this week and Singapore again next week. Lachie has been to 3 countries and taken 6 flights already! He has his own frequent flyer account too ๐Ÿ™‚

Lachie hasn’t hit any major development milestones yet however I dare say rolling over is only days away. He loves to chat and giggle and loves the ladies, making them melt with his dimples. He hates napping for any longer than 30 minutes during the day but is pretty good at night, usually only waking once or twice.

He has gone from a relatively average 3.5kg at birth to a whopping 6.8kgs but he is exclusively breastfed so I’m not concerned at this stage. Plus, up here I’d rather he be a little more robust.

As he only sleeps for 30 minutes during the day, its hard to find time to workout. He joins me for a workout most afternoons. I manage to get a run on the treadmill while he sleeps then he plays and giggles at me while I do circuit work. I’m back down to pre-pregnancy weight but definitely have some toning to do! As I mentioned before my body is still so foreign to me. It’s hard not to put the pressure on to bounce back almost immediately. I was lucky that I only put on about 10kgs while I was pregnant. I had dropped almost 10kgs when I first moved to Jakarta so while I know it is important to gain weight while pregnant, it was hard watching the scales creep up.

I am loving watching Lachie grow and learn and I am definitely loving my new job ๐Ÿ™‚

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