Another Extra Special Summer!

Well this is becoming a bit of a trend… let’s go back to the start of 2018 when we made another big life decision. We had been living back in Perth for about 5 months – settled in our house, back into life in Australia when Pete was given the opportunity to work back in Jakarta. The job was in a different field to what he normally worked in, and although he had a little experience in the sector, heRead more

The first 3 months

I can’t believe 3 months has gone already! I’m a little sad about just how fast he is growing up! Call me crazy but I miss the newborn stage. In saying that though, he is really starting to become fun now. He is interacting with us which is so rewarding. The first month. I have to admit, we have a pretty easy going baby. He was sleeping 2-3 hours at a time and just woke to feed before going straightRead more

An extra special Perth summer

Summer in Perth. Some would argue it’s the best place in Australia to spend Summer and I’d be hard pressed to disagree. This year was possibly the best summer I’ve spent in Perth…for one very special reason, plus I was on holidays/unemployed so I had plenty of time to enjoy my days and didn’t have to worry about getting great weather only on weekends. Most mornings started with a walk along the river and finishing up at my new favouriteRead more