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posted by jodiemellor September 21, 2017 0 comments

HOLIDAYS!!! Real holidays!!

We have spent the last 2 weeks in sunny, warm North Queensland. Townsville to be exact. My hometown. The place where it all began for Pete and I. My family are still here and I love coming back to see them. Some of my best friends are here too, all grown up now.

It has been awesome and has now got us really thinking that we would like to move back here for a few years. Still a sleepy town but it is definitely growing. Lots of places to dine out and an ever-changing skyline. There have been some tough times up here lately with lots of businesses closing down, the dam at less than 15% and the highest youth unemployment in QLD, however the locals are a resilient bunch and there are some big jobs coming up that should help get things back on track. A big wet next summer would be awesome!

With Idul Fitri in Indonesia (the big Muslim holiday), Pete has had some (forced) down time. He has still been working a few hours each day but we have been out doing things each day and it has really felt like a proper holiday.

We have been loving our Castle Hill walks most mornings. Lachie hitches a ride in the pram or in the Baby Bjorn. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to lug him up there! Castle Hill is only a few metres short of being classified as a mountain. It stands tall in the centre of Townsville and is easily the town’s most iconic feature. Hundreds of people run the 3km windy road, or one of the many ‘goat’ tracks each day. We usually go for breakfast or at least a coffee afterwards. We have tried a few new places this trip. One of the best is Jam Corner in Palmer St. AH-Mazing! (Jonathon Thurston joined* us for breakky one morning as well!) It also happens to be the old MoMo’s restaurant. The place Pete took me for our first date. It has been 10.5 years since we had been there. Wow! Time flies!

*By joined I possibly mean he was at the same restaurant at the same time J

My Dad celebrated his 60th Birthday in June and we timed our trip so we would be in town for his party. What a great night. It was at a local golf club and there was about 50 people there, many of whom I had not seen for years. I know Dad had a great night also.

We got up to Crystal Creek for lunch and a swim, and a mandatory stop at Frosty Mango on the way home. We made it to Cactus Jacks for dinner and frozen margaritas and Pete even went to a Cowboys home game. We have had a great time and can’t wait to come back again really soon.

Back to rain and 4 degrees tomorrow!!